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We know exactly how to get into the school or university of your dreams!
More than 15 years we have been helping our clients become students of the best educational institutions.
GLOSS experts and counselors will find the best program for you, guide you all the way to admission, and will stay in touch with you to help you with your studies.
We work with schools and universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia, and know their specifics and requirements.
GLOSS Education Agency is an international educational company
I remember each of my clients and I am very proud of them. I remember their amazing success stories and their achievements.
For example, I had a client who changed 3 schools in his home country and everywhere he went he was ‘unteachable’ – that’s what they said. With our help he got admitted to a school in Europe and later applied for a scholarship and got into one of the most prestigious US universities. This is a great success story. My clients are not just clients for me. We become friends and keep in contact. They practically become my family because I understand what they go through as parents. My own kids study abroad and it’s so natural for me to be empathetic and supportive. I know how it feels and I want to make this experience the least stressful for them. I love my job because I see that it changes children’s lives for the better. They dream big and they fulfill their dreams.
Vera Kharoshka - Executive Director
  • expert in the sphere of secondary and higher education abroad
  • 8 years of experience in top schools and universities' admission
  • 200 successful student cases throughout the world
  • holds specific expertise in applying to financial and sports scholarships in the USA
  • a graduate of the University of Manchester, the UK and the University of Oregon, the USA
  • the holder of the Tömer Certificate OF the University of Ankara, Turkey
  • a certified ICEF agent
  • a regular participant of international educational conferences ICEF and ST Alphe
  • a supervisor of language camp groups in the UK, the USA and other countries
Why trust GLOSS Education Agency
We make it effective
We listen carefully to your wishes, determine your strengths and strategy.
We supervise
You are not alone after admission. We can help you with your move and questions about the school.
We can be trusted
The company's experts have been successfully helping clients enroll in schools and universities for more than 8 years.
We make it high-quality
International accreditations and our satisfied customers confirm the quality of our service.
We make it confidential
Under no circumstances do we disclose the personal data of our customers to anyone.
We value our partners
We work in partnership with schools and universities around the world.
We make it personal
We select the program according to your wishes, needs and budget.
We make it complete
We take care of everything:
from choosing an educational institution to visa support.
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