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Career guidance

Have no idea what you want to become? Our service will help your child learn something new about themselves, you as a parent decide on study abroad options, and us find the right program, major and university.
Career guidance from Gloss Education Agency is a great tool to make the choice of school, university and future profession more informed and balanced.

Career guidance can help you learn more about your child's personality, relate to their interests and strengths, as well as predict study scenarios and find the best study abroad program.

In addition to a well-thought-out strategy for the future, career guidance will increase motivation, give confidence in the choice of major subjects and reduce anxiety about one of the most important decisions in life.

For more than 15 years we have been helping our clients to choose their future profession and realize their dreams.

What is career guidance for?

your strengths

the right specialty

the ideal school

Gaining confidence in your decision

How does a career guidance program work?

Testing and

We study your interests and strengths, conduct in-depth interviews and comprehensive diagnostics

Analyze test data and
create a profile

Presenting the report and recommendations



We tell you about the program and define career guidance goals
Analyze test results and post-interview data. Formulate a profile and make recommendations
We hold a meeting, analyze the profile and make recommendations

What does career guidance include?

Full personality profile

Understanding of the development vector

You will receive a personalized report from our career expert, a personality map and recommendations.
Understanding of the results of joint work, which specialty is more suitable, what you need to focus on in order to achieve your goals.

Cost of the service: 150$

  • Comprehensive testing
  • In-depth interview with a psychologist
  • Analysis of test and meeting data
  • Writing a description of the client's personality
  • List of recommendations

The service includes:

Expert in career guidance, career counselor
Karolina Tseluk
"Just as a key fits a certain lock, so each of us has a different calling. By helping you find your key, we open the door to your future."
At the conclusion of our series of career guidance meetings and based on our findings, we offer free enrollment counseling in areas such as:
  • Secondary Education;
  • Foundation programs;
  • Higher Education;
  • Master's programs;
  • MBA programs;
  • Language programs.

Depending on the chosen plan of action, we will agree on the terms of work and the cost of academic support and enrollment services.

What's next?

Client Testimonials

After graduating from high school, I didn't fully understand which of the directions I was interested in to choose. Gloss Education Agency helped me sort out my interests, understand my strengths and choose a field in which I would develop.
Thank you Caroline and Gloss Education Agency for your help! I had doubts about my decision and before choosing a university, my manager suggested a career guidance program to remove all doubts. I was interviewed, I took tests, afterwards I was shown my profile in detail and given recommendations. I was confirmed in my decision. And we have already selected the program. Thank you!
I would like to express my gratitude for the career guidance service from GLOSS! We didn't know what direction to choose for our daughter after school. We are grateful to Caroline for the fact that there was a clear understanding of what to do now and how to unlock her potential in the future, taking into account her inner desires and even aptitudes, which my daughter, frankly speaking, wasn’t even aware of. I recommend it to everyone!
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