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My son is studying at Worthgate International School (former CATS College) in Canterbury, UK. We turned to Vera Khoroshko for help with his enrollment and we did not regret it. I would like to thank Vera for all her work and support.
All the documents were prepared on time. Vera was always available 24/7 - she consulted, guided, advised us all the way to the school. My son liked the school. Especially the fact that the teachers interact with students as equals, (it is possible to argue and defend their point of view), you can choose the subjects and electives that will be useful in the future. Everything at school helps develop student’s autonomy and responsibility.
I highly recommend Vera and her team! They are true professionals.
We would like to share our experience with the agency and especially with Vera Kharoshka. We turned to her for all our questions.
Our daughter went to language camps in London and Edinburgh, and Vera was in charge of the organization. Everything was on a very high level! The experience of communicating with native speakers enabled our child to get rid of her fear of speaking English and strengthened her existing knowledge.

When we decided to go to school in the US, Vera organized everything, from making contact with the school to flights during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was no way we could do this without Vera. Filling out tons of papers, organizing exams, preparing the documents for the Embassy, learning the ins and outs of studying and living in another country. She encouraged us, kept in touch with us and the school almost 24/7. As any parent we were scared to let our child go so far away. Vera tried to do everything as quickly, clearly, and personally as possible.
Despite the fact that our child is already in school, we are still constantly in touch with Vera, for any questions. And she is always responsive, full of warmth and good humor!!!

With respect and great appreciation, Ksenia's parents Olga and Eugene.
Wanted to thank you for your help in preparing all the necessary documents for my son's University application.

My sincere appreciation for busy weekends and late nights, for your efforts and successful result in the end. A special thanks for the non-mechanical work but for passion and your sincere desire to help. Thank you!
Olga and Eugene
Good afternoon! I would like to express my gratitude to Vera Kharoshka!!! This is the person who always has time just for you, who will always support you and charge you with positive energy. Our son, Timur, went on group trips to London and New York with Vera and always came back absolutely thrilled with how everything had been organized. After getting to know Vera, we let our child go to the other side of the world without fear or nervousness. And that said a lot about her, we trust her. But that's not all.

Last year when Timur finished school and had to go to the University, it was Vera who helped him make up his mind and make the final decision about his future plans. As a result, my son was accepted to the Foundation program of the University of Amsterdam after which progressed to undergraduate degree program. Vera took care of all the forms, applications and other numerous documents. She tracked deadlines and made sure everything was done correctly and on time.
We are still supported by Vera on academic issues and every time we have a question, we receive full-scale answers. She is a great expert. She is passionate about her job.
Thank you for your professionalism, empathy, diligence, love for kids and always high spirit which you share with all the others!
I’d like to express my gratitude to Vera Kharoshka and recommend her as the best expert in the sphere. If you want to choose a course for your child abroad, Vera is the person to go to. She is passionate about what she does.

My daughter did not get the required number of credits for the university that was her primary choice. At that time, we worked with another company and we were offered the most expensive option. We were also told that that was the only option available for us.

We had known Vera for 5 years since she organized my daughter’s trip for the language camp in the USA so we decided to ask her for help. And there came the difference. Vera showed us a variety of options which were excellent and a way better in terms of the price. Besides, we didn’t have to skip an academic year. Because of the pandemic, the entrance process last 4 months. During this time Vera was always there when we needed her help or advice. She was there 24/7 and this is not an exaggeration. She called to all phone numbers available at that time to get the information needed. At some points I thought she did this not for my daughter but for her own kids. And this for me is the highest level of engagement and love for her profession and clients.
Now my daughter is happy going to university and living in the residence. Even there Vera while being in another country was solving all her first problems upon arrival, as wifi loss, food, University system acceptance. This feedback is not flattery. Hopefully, it will help those who are still on the lookout for their educational consultant and agency. Vera is the most competent advisor in the sphere of international education and I do recommend her as the expert who will lead your child to success.
A big thank you for supervising my kids during the enrolment process in schools and US universities, preparing and taking care of the documents. All problems were easily settled. My children could ask for assistance at any time and the advisors were always there eager to give their hand.
Since we have no experience in visa application process, we even now sometimes address this team of specialists in this matter. Thank you!
During spring break my son undertook a language program in London. Everything was perfectly organized. It was his first parents-free trip abroad and he was 11. He enjoyed it tremendously. The trip was supervised by Vera Kharoshka and I’m very thankful to her.

We also have a positive experience in cooperating with this agency when they prepared my son for entering the colleges in England and Dubai. We were guided through the application process and all the documents were taken care of. It would’ve been hard for us to do everything on our own. If you decide to provide your children with education abroad, I highly recommend GLOSS for their knowledgeable advisors and their expertise in international education.
I am really thankful to GLOSS and in particular Vera Kharoshka for the help and support in my US University admission. I asked for help rather late – only 3 months before the studies start and has little hope for finding an option for me that is suitable financially. Plus I had not enough level of English and was not eligible for the US Universities direct entry. In spite of all these, the agency have found the ideal option for me and now after spending a year at the International Year 1 program in Curry College in Boston I managed to transfer to the second year of the University that is in top 3 throughout the USA in my major.

The agency’s experts are always in contact with me, when I need help and there have never been a single moment when they didn’t support me when I had problems or queries.
I have been working with the agency for many years: I undertook a summer language course in Scotland and after asked for their help in my admission to a US University. I finally got really happy I had turned to them! The agency took over all the process of the University admission, me and my parents had simply to choose one the options offered and provide the documents. I am truly grateful for presenting ONCAMPUS Boston program to us, which I would never find myself, as this program became a great start for my further studies in the USA. My personal advisor Vera Kharoshka has always solve all the issues and answered all the queries, she has always been in contact with me during the admission process and in particular during my complicated visa application process. Even now, studying at a top-ranked University, I can always turn to Vera and get a professional help and support. The communication is always friendly and supportive, I always feel understanding and love for what she does.
I have been dealing with GLOSS experts for a long time - in 2017 they sent me to the USA for the first time, where I had spent 3 cool weeks at a teens language camp in Los Angeles.

Everything was organized at the highest level and the main thing that this trip brought me, in addition to super impressions of the Santa Monica Pier, amusement parks and museums, was a half-level upgrade in English. There is nothing more useful than immersion in English in an English-speaking country. We had intensive lessons from morning to lunch, and after them beach volleyball, tours, trips to California, where I communicated in English non-stop.

The second time GLOSS helped me with admission to the British boarding school Atlantic College, where I studied for 2 years and was preparing for admission to the US University.

My best reviews are for the process of admission to the USA with GLOSS with applying for a financial grant - I was getting help at every step and as a result I got admitted to the University of Richmond and what is more, I received a 105% grant, which included not only my tuition, accommodation and meals costs for all 4 years of study, but also costs of my ticket and visa!
If you need support at every step, help in impressing the admission committee and solving all issues - I recommend turning to GLOSS, which I successfully did in the past.
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